Your pension scheme is changing

Following the separation of Tata Steel UK from the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS), the Trustee of the BSPS is asking you to make a choice about what to do with your pension. All members have two options:
  • move with the current scheme into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), or
  • switch to the New British Steel Pension Scheme. 
You need to choose
The Trustee has created a new member website called 'Time to Choose', which provides information on how to make your choice. To view this website please see here.
The purpose of this site

You will have had, or will shortly receive, a letter from the Trustee providing you with information to help you choose. 

The right choice will be different for each member and will depend on your personal circumstances and preferences. For some members, particularly non-pensioners, this may be a difficult decision. It’s important you take some time to consider your options. 

That is why we’ve created this website to help you find out more about the PPF, what we do, and what you could expect from us. We’ve included some of the questions members are likely to ask us, as well as links to helpful resources that will tell you more about how PPF protection works.

To view our main website, please see here.